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Thokcha Knives and Swords

thokcha swordThokcha swords are carried by the Buddhist monks and are believed to give them protection against weapons and harm. Also, they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in business and help solve interpersonal problems. Many people even wear them as amulets to protect themselves from weapons or any threat that might cause injury or harm.


thokcha knifeOn the other hand, Thokcha knives are used for healing purposes. The blades are made from various materials, including silver, gold, brass or copper. Also, the carvers use different materials to make different shapes of the knife. For example, a silver Tibetan Thokcha knife is made like a fish head and is used to cure diseases that come from water or fish, such as stomachache or headache. The handle is usually made from silver or wood or ivory. The blade can be straight, curved, or crescent-shaped.