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What is Tibetan Thokchas?

Antique Tibetan Thokcha

Tokchas are small Tibetan ancient and very much sacred objects. Tibetan thokchas proceeded to serve as votive talismans. These objects were valued very highly for their amazing magical properties. Thokchas are for the most part made of a bronze/copper alloy. It is also believed that they contain some meteoric metal from space.

Tibetans prized their thokchas. They would proudly wear them to protect them from all evil. They were usually hung from the neck, or attached somehow to their clothing. In addition, often they were sewn onto amulet pouches or attached to religious articles. The Tibetan sharmans healers, spirit mediums and magicians also used thokchas as part of their secret tools of their trade.

Perceived effective/powerful tokchas would often be sold, or passed down through generations. This is why we see real and powerful tokchas show a great deal of wear.

Many tokchas were also used at belt fittings. Or ornaments either from Tibet, Central Asia or Persia, and were traded into Tibet along Silk Road trading routes. Some were made on purpose as talismans. This explains why some real tokchas look to be very similar. However, the main belief was that tokchas were indeed not made by humans, and that they had simply fallen from the sky.


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