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maganese steel thokcha

What is a Manganese Steel Thokcha?

Thokcha Knives, swords and other Thokcha items are often made with Manganese steel. This metal is also called Hadfield steel or Mangalloy and is a steel alloy containing 12-14% manganese. Manganese steel products are well known for its super-high impact strength and especially its resistance to abrasion. When manganese steel is in its hardened state – the steel is often described as the ultimate work hardening steel and it often used in high-quality Thokcha knives and swords.

Do Manganese Steel Thokcha Knives rust?
It is true that all steels rust in moist atmospheres. However, an increase in manganese in steel has a positive effect on corrosion resistance, partly due to the adsorption of manganese ions.


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